Want to Meet a Messy SLP with a Sense of Humor? (SLP Spotlight)

Episode 55 May 04, 2021 00:38:42
Want to Meet a Messy SLP with a Sense of Humor? (SLP Spotlight)
The Missing Link for SLPs
Want to Meet a Messy SLP with a Sense of Humor? (SLP Spotlight)

May 04 2021 | 00:38:42


Show Notes

Meet Dani Newcombe, known online as The Messy SLP. Dani works in a pediatric setting and spends her time online connecting with other speech-language pathologists through her Instagram Reels. A firm believer in using humor and positivity to approach her work, Dani dives into why she became an SLP in the first place, how she copes with the challenges of the field, and why she believes it’s so important to cling to your “why.”

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