Welcome Back! SLPs Share Your Story Now - Just Call

February 02, 2021 00:04:46
Welcome Back! SLPs Share Your Story Now - Just Call
The Missing Link for SLPs
Welcome Back! SLPs Share Your Story Now - Just Call

Feb 02 2021 | 00:04:46


Show Notes

We've got some big topics and exciting guests planned for The Missing Link for SLPs this year, including continuing the SLP Graduate Student Stories series, and interviewing new authors impacting the SLP graduate space.

We're also asking all of YOU, SLPs, to call in and leave a message highlighting YOU, your SLP origin story, your questions, and your SLP experiences, to be played on a future podcast. Call 612-361-9810 to leave your message.

Learn more at freshslp.com/podcast.

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