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January 10, 2023 00:35:49
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Being overloaded as a school based SLP and how to turn it around!

Today’s guest, Ebony Green, has made it her business to help other SLPs get a fair deal in school based settings! Ebony speaks openly...



January 03, 2023 00:29:46
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Push-in versus Pull-in, Scheduling, Student Buy-In and Related Service in Middle School!

Having experienced being a school based SLP from early intervention through to programs for students up to 22 years old, today’s guest, Bridget Karp,...



December 27, 2022 00:31:22
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Managing your caseload, data, and end goal of exiting your students!

Today’s guest, Michele Rothstein, always knew that a school based SLP role was for her. Michelle has a passion for autistic students, and works...



December 20, 2022 00:28:26
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Working across age ranges in a small bilingual school with Breeah Carey

In this episode, we talk with Breeah Carey, an SLP truly loving her work as a contract school based therapist in a small bilingual...



December 13, 2022 00:35:07
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Learnings and Insight from Transitioned School Based SLP with Renee Brown, The Busy Speech Mom

In this episode, you’ll hear Renee Brown talking with Katie Widestrom-Landgraf about how she took up an opportunity to switch from being a medical...



December 06, 2022 00:33:52
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Being a School and Private Practice SLP

Our guest for this episode, Noelle Scolieri, works in both private practice and schools. Noelle talks about how she learned to adapt to the...