The Missing Link for SLPs

A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP

The Missing Link for SLPs
A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP

In this episode of The Missing Link for SLPs podcast, I want to describe to you how my days play out as a medical speech pathologist in a variety of different settings. 

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  • Storytelling and discussion based on “Post It note questions for the professor”


  • Mattie lays out her days in a variety of settings as a medical SLP.


  • Key story that hits home from discussion - memory momento

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  • What happens during my day
    • On a medical unit in a Level 2 trauma hospital
    • In a rural hospital
    • Outpatient clinic
    • Home health
    • SNF
    • Private practice
    • Telepractice
    • Overseas
  • With insights on
    • How I start my day
    • How a schedule is created
    • Structure/vs no structure
    • Flexibility
    • Activities during the day in addition to therapy

Challenge Of The Week

  • This week, think about the medical setting that might best meet your interests and passions.

Quote Of The Week

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.”  G.K. Nelson

Tip For Success

  • Be mindful of what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy as you work. Over the course of a career, you want to be doing what you enjoy, over and over.  

Upcoming Topics

  • Imposter Syndrome

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