Introducing The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership

October 07, 2020 00:03:11
Introducing The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership
The Missing Link for SLPs
Introducing The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership

Oct 07 2020 | 00:03:11


Show Notes

Love the podcast and wish you could join the conversation, dive deeper into the material and have Mattie as your professional coach? Now you can!

Introducing The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership!

A learning community designed to empower new and transitioning SLPs around the world to step into their careers with passion, skill, and confidence, embraced by a culture of acceptance, collaboration and accountability.

Find evergreen courses, webinars,digital downloads, live Q&A with Mattie and more. 
Get 30% OFF your first month with promo code PODCAST (expires Nov. 1).

Learn even more and subscribe now at or

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