How to embrace evolution and revolution with Mai Ling Chan

Episode 90 March 29, 2022 00:40:51
How to embrace evolution and revolution with Mai Ling Chan
The Missing Link for SLPs
How to embrace evolution and revolution with Mai Ling Chan

Mar 29 2022 | 00:40:51


Show Notes

The exceptional Mai Ling Chan takes us through the personal and professional evolutionary process of her career in this episode. 

A connector of people, Mai reflects on the importance of connecting and building relationships with people both inside and outside of the field of SLP. As an author, Mai speaks about how her response to criticism and critical feedback has changed over time and with experience. 

An advocate for working as a whole person, Mai encourages us all to bring to the profession other things that we love and are good at, and to explore, explore, explore!

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