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--- Mattie Murrey, MA, CCC/SLP - Fresh SLP ---

At the intersection between grad school and a successful career, our Fresh SLP content focuses on empowering SLPs and audiologists to launch their careers with confidence. Get clinical wisdom, pep talks, tips for success and so much more related to speech-language pathology! This podcast keeps you connected with the art of the profession, to help you master more and stress less!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP: An Inpatient Rehabilitation SLP

    Meet Vanessa Hooks, a medical speech-language pathologist who works in the inpatient rehabilitation setting. She shares what kind of patients she works with on a day-to-day basis, what sort of treatment she might implement, some of the rewards and challenges of this environment, and much more. ...


  2. A Day in the Life of a Private Practice Medical SLP

    Meet Marie Severson, a medical SLP who has worked in multiple medical settings during her four years practicing speech pathology. She discusses her experience working in acute care, inpatient acute rehabilitation, home health, and finally private practice. She reveals the day-to-day responsibilities of each role, why ...


  3. A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP: Conversation with a Pediatric SLP

    Meet Lauren Pontoppidan, a pediatric medical SLP who works within the school system and in the hospital setting. She tells us how she discovered speech pathology, walks us through a typical work day, explains what it’s like working with children with severe medical conditions, and offers advice on ...


  4. A Day in the LIfe of a Medical SLP: Conversation with a Private Practice Cog-Comm SLP

    Meet Katie Brown, a speech-language pathologist and certified brain injury specialist who started her own private practice after just three years of being in the medical SLP field. In the latest episode of The Missing Link, Katie walks listeners through her journey to opening her private practice, discusses ...


  5. A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP Who Works in a SNF

    Meet Jessica Schell, a speech-language pathologist who currently works in the skilled-nursing setting. In our latest episode, Jessica shares what a typical day at a SNF facility looks like. She reveals what clinical fellows can expect from this work environment, how they can prepare themselves, and some of ...