The Missing Link for SLPs

Hey Professor - What Do I Say? SLP Scripts {Hey Professor}

The Missing Link for SLPs
Hey Professor - What Do I Say? SLP Scripts {Hey Professor}

Today's episode starts the first in a series called “Hey Professor,” discussing conversation templates - or scripts - medical SLPs can use to prepare for a breadth of scenarios. 

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  • Storytelling and discussion based on “Hey, Professor” questions from SLP graduate students and CFYs.


  • Talk through and provide examples of SLP scripts, a way of planning what you are going to say in any given scenario.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

Scripts for Three Medical SLP Scenarios

  1. Working with Patients 
    • AIDET Approach
    • Introductions
    • Wrapping Up
    • Caregiver Communication
  2. Working with Medical Team
  3. When a Patient Passes On


  • AIDET [in transcript, page 3] 
  • SLP Script Templates [in transcript]
  • Even more SLP Scripts will be in my upcoming Guide for Medical SLPs and also related to Dysphagia. Sign up to get the latest at

Challenge Of The Week

  • Focus on lean, agile, clear and compassionate patient communication.

Tip For Success

  • Go in with a plan, then go with the flow!

Upcoming Topics

  • More “Hey Professor”
  • More “SLP Spotlight”

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