The Missing Link for SLPs

At the intersection between grad school and a successful career, our Fresh SLP content focuses on empowering SLPs and audiologists to launch their careers with confidence. Get clinical wisdom, pep talks, tips for success and ...more

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December 08, 2021 00:36:25
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Curious How SLPs in Different Settings Choose When to Say Goodbye?

This episode is an emotional one as we talk about all things discharge! Have you ever been curious about how SLPs in a variety...



November 30, 2021 00:20:26
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SLP Fishbowl Series #4: You met WHO at ASHA?? Fishbowl Bonus: 2021 ASHA Convention

Catch this positively vibrating bonus episode of the Fishbowl series as Janet, Katie, and Mattie talk about their favorite memories of ASHA and who...



November 24, 2021 00:31:37
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SLP Fishbowl Series #3: 8 Surprising Questions SLPs Ask Themselves when Writing Goals

During epsiode 3 of the Fishbowl series, 3 SLPs talk about the importance of knowing your big WHY when writing goals and how to...



November 18, 2021 00:42:49
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SLP Fishbowl Series #2: Transitioning from Graduate School to Your SLP Career

In this episode of the Fishbowl the ladies talk about how they started their careers, what informed their choices and decision-making, what cascading generalization...



November 09, 2021 00:30:44
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3 SLPs Walk Into a Bar: Introduction to the SLP Fishbowl Series

This week’s episode of The Missing Link for SLPs podcast kicks off the Fishbowl Series. This will see Katie Widestrom-Landgraf, Janet Tilstra, and Mattie...



November 04, 2021 00:52:56
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The 4 Stages of Building a Successful SLP Private Practice Business

During our second interview with private practice owner Jamey Schrier, he speaks on the topic of time management and dives into how SLPs can...

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