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--- Mattie Murrey, MA, CCC/SLP - Fresh SLP ---

At the intersection between grad school and a successful career, our Fresh SLP content focuses on empowering SLPs and audiologists to launch their careers with confidence. Get clinical wisdom, pep talks, tips for success and so much more related to speech-language pathology! This podcast keeps you connected with the art of the profession, to help you master more and stress less!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. A Discussion with a Doctoral SLP Candidate Who Wonders About the Connections between Literacy and Invisible Disabilities {Private Practice Possibilities}

    In this episode an SLP and private practice owner shares how she decided to enter the field of speech-language pathology, as well as how she determined which path to take with her education and career. She explains the philanthropic side of her private practice and highlights the importance ...


  2. The SLP Who Wanted To Be A Superhero {SLP Spotlight}

    This SLP and private practice owner shares how forging connections with the clients she worked with in charter schools and pediatric hospitals helped shape her career, and how she’s leveraging that experience to start her own pediatric practice. Listen to her tips for optimizing your educational experience and ...


  3. Top 3 Strategies for Being Successful as an SLP and a Business Owner {Private Practice Possibilities}

    This private practice SLP business owner focused on learning how to operate a lean and agile business during her doctoral program and is now successfully transitioning out of her full-time position into her dreams. Listen in for her top strategies for being successful as both an SLP and ...


  4. An Interview with a Clinical Fellow and Her Challenges During a Pandemic {SLP Graduate Student Journeys}

    Come listen to a CLP who has just started her Clinical Fellowship(CF), as she tells us how things have changed due to COVID-19 and how she maintains her drive to complete her CF.  Visit for this episode's show notes and more resources ...


  5. An Interview with a Very Passionate AAC SLP Private Practice Business Owner! [Private Practice Possibilities]

    Ever heard of a private SLP practice that is totally about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)?  This is Dr. Kristy Davies’ jam!! She is all about developing her business to meet the needs of her clients and her business has skyrocketed. Listen to a very passionate SLP talk ...