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--- Mattie Murrey, MA, CCC/SLP - Fresh SLP ---

At the intersection between grad school and a successful career, our Fresh SLP content focuses on empowering SLPs and audiologists to launch their careers with confidence. Get clinical wisdom, pep talks, tips for success and so much more related to speech-language pathology! This podcast keeps you connected with the art of the profession, to help you master more and stress less!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Welcome Back! SLPs Share Your Story Now - Just Call

    We've got some big topics and exciting guests planned for The Missing Link for SLPs this year, including continuing the SLP Graduate Student Stories series, and interviewing new authors impacting the SLP graduate space. We're also asking all of YOU, SLPs, to call in and leave a ...


  2. Happy Holidays from the Fresh SLP Family! Back in 2021

    We are so grateful you are a listener! We're taking a holiday breather after 42 straight weeks of episodes in our first year, and will be back soon. Enjoy the archives, and we'll be talking about more strategies to get into grad school and how to launch your ...


  3. Thoughts of a Soon-to-be Audiologist and Her Powerful Mindset for Graduate School {Graduate Student Journeys}Grad

    With plans to pursue a graduate degree in Audiology to work with pediatric cochlear implant recipients, this new grad walks us through applying for grad school, choosing the right program, and coping with those “what ifs” that tend to pop up during big life decisions. Listen in as ...


  4. Ever Thought of Becoming an SLP Professor? Meet Dr. Katie Strong! {Graduate Student Journeys}

    This SLP and professor tells us what appealed to her about the field of speech pathology and how she seeks to help other rapidly growing SLPs achieve their goals. She shares insight into how graduate students and those applying to graduate school can make themselves stand out, discusses ...


  5. How to Make a Great First Impression and Grow in the SLP Field {How to SLP}

    During this week’s episode, two longtime speech-language pathologists walk us through how they met, why they decided to pursue speech pathology in the first place, and how they’ve come to own four practices and counting. They offer interviewing and other advice for burgeoning SLP students and new clinicians ...