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--- Mattie Murrey, MA, CCC/SLP - Fresh SLP ---

At the intersection between grad school and a successful career, our Fresh SLP content focuses on empowering SLPs and audiologists to launch their careers with confidence. Get clinical wisdom, pep talks, tips for success and so much more related to speech-language pathology! This podcast keeps you connected with the art of the profession, to help you master more and stress less!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Want to Meet a Messy SLP with a Sense of Humor? (SLP Spotlight)

    Meet Dani Newcombe, known online as The Messy SLP. Dani works in a pediatric setting and spends her time online connecting with other speech-language pathologists through her Instagram Reels. A firm believer in using humor and positivity to approach her work, Dani dives into why she became an ...


  2. An Honest Conversation with a Life, Career, and Business Coach (REAL Talk)

    Meet Kate Peabody, who went from climbing the Fortune 500 ladder to building her own business as a creative life, career, and business coach. Kate has helped numerous clients determine which path is “right” for them, and she’s given them the tools to take the first steps toward ...


  3. Conversation with an SLP Graduate Professor on Improving the Classroom-to-Clinic Connection with Problem-Based Learning Approach (SLP Spotlight)

    Meet Louise Keegan, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at Moravian College who was instrumental in developing the Master of Science program at the Pennsylvania-based institution. Louise walks us through the problem-based learning structure her graduate program embraces, how her background led her to that approach, and ...


  4. Conversation with a Tattletale Speech Pathologist (SLP Spotlight)

    Our guest this month is a new author and a newer SLP!  Meet Suleika Pryce, author of Tattletales of a Speech-Language Pathologist: the CFY's Guide to Surviving a Skilled Nursing Facility which just released February 8, 2021. This is the first in a series.  Listen to this guest’s ...


  5. Finding the Courage for a Career Change: Where to Begin (SLP Spotlight)

    Meet Sara Schmuckler, a speech-language pathologist who specializes in voice and recently made the jump from a full-time clinical position to starting her own private practice. In this episode of The Missing Link for SLPs, Sara reveals what her journey has been like so far and delves into ...